23 July 2008


I'm trying to win this beautiful bookmark from Lizzie!

She says:
So here is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Post a blog entry about either one (or both!) of the following questions:

1. What is your favorite thrift store find?
2. Do you have a set or piece of a set of dishes that you absolutely love?

Include pictures if you can. I love pictures of cute plates and mugs.

My current favorite thrift store find is a pair of small ceramic pots I'm using to grow basil. They don't quite match, but they coordinate. I think someone painted two unrelated containers in similar colors. They weren't anywhere near each other at the store, but I was carrying one around, so when I saw the other, I could tell right away that I liked them together.

(Ha ha, I just looked through my camera, because I thought I had a photo of the pots in there, and found a bunch of photos I took of my eyes after they were dilated at the eye doctor's office. I look like Puss in Boots.)

My favorite set of dishes is our Pfaltzgraff set. They're all packed, but here's a photo from the internet:

We also have the salt and pepper shakers and the butter dish, but none of the serving stuff.

My husband's favorite set of dishes is a set of old china we found in an antique shop, speaking of thrift shops. They weren't really antiques, just sort of retro, so they were very affordable. See the Pfaltzgraff salad plate? They're off-white with black stripes around the outside, so they go really well with that set. The set contains regular dinner plates, cups and saucers, salad plates and two sizes of plates smaller than the salad plates. One is probably a bread/appetizer plate, and the other is probably a tapas dish or dessert plate; it's very tiny. There are also some oval dishes in the set, but we're not sure whether they're very deep oval plates or very shallow oval bowls. My husband thinks that since there are no bowls in the set, they must be bowls. But I'm not sure; you'd never try to eat cereal out of them. They're perfect for when you're having stew or pasta, and would like to use a plate, but want something to contain your sauce or gravy.

And we don't have any other sets of dishes! We have some blue cereal bowls, but everything else is part of one of those two sets.


Lizzie said...

Ooh I love black & white dishes, too! They're so classy.

alicia said...

i hope you win that bookmark!! my fav thrift store finds are all my shoes! ha ha

here from ICLW

Dreams Come True said...

Good luck with the bookmark!!

I love thrift stores/fleamarkets for all the cool stuff you can find. I got a bunch of 1970's disney books from one a few months ago... 12 books for $2.. and the real stories that I remember from when I was little.

That stuff is just too cool!

Anonymous said...

A visitor for ICLW.

Very classy black and white dishes. We did black and white for our kitchen, I love the fact that I am not tied to a color!

Sassy said...

I love the dishes. We need new ones but I can't find any I like.

Tash said...

what a lovely bookmark, it's no coincidence, but my favourite thrift store finds are books!!!

An ICLW visitor!