19 August 2008

Game Stop

A while back, Mom Central sent me a gift certificate for Game Stop. Since my son loves video games, we were thrilled to use it and blog about the experience.

Aside from using the gift certificate, we were also shopping for a new Xbox 360 for our son. There are two Game Stops in the city nearest us; the first one we tried was closed down, or maybe just moved locations, though there was no sign saying so either way, just an empty store.

Since it was only 10am and we had to go to Target anyway, we checked prices on Xbox 360s there. Later, when we went to the other Game Stop, the price was better, so we were pleased with that feature, at least!

Unfortunately, I was completely unable to go inside the second Game Stop at all, since it had an overwhelming smell of farts. There's just no delicate way to put that, I'm afraid. Someone inside there, either an employee or the one guy shopping, had a terrible, terrible case of gas. My son, being motivated by his gift certificate and Xbox 360, went in, and I went next door with Crystal to get some juice. My husband says he went in just because he knows I have a more sensitive sense of smell than he does, and some adult had to go in.

I asked my son about the experience, and he said, "Well... are you going to mention the smell?" I said that I felt I had to give an honest report, so yes. He then said that the experience was good because he was able to find the specific game he wanted for under the value of the gift certificate, and that his only criticism might be that the service was a little slow. But I think that's probably more a feature of the fact that I raised him in a less laid back state than this; service seems slow everywhere to us because we're used to a snappier pace at all businesses.

All in all, let's just assume that either of these two scenarios were the case:

1. The inconsiderate customer was farting all over a small shop


2. The poor Game Stop clerk had to work when he wasn't feeling well, not well at all.

It's unlikely anyone else would run into that problem at Game Stop, so my advice is that if you need a new game console or game, you'll likely get better prices and selection at Game Stop than at Target.

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Lizzie said...

So gross. The gamestop I went to recently smelled like Subway (which was right next door).