06 October 2008

little hurt birdie

This little guy flew into one of our windows the other day. My husband went outside to use the grill, and there the bird was, lying on the deck. So he called me out to look at it.

It was obviously stunned and had hurt its leg. I held it for a little bit, but I didn't want to terrify it to death, so I got a rag, made a sort of nest out of the rag in a big pot of lavender we have on the deck, and put him in there. He fluttered and struggled a bit, at one point fluttering himself out of the pot, where he lay upside down, beating his wings wildly. But I put him back, and he rested there for about an hour.

And after that, he seemed ok. He hopped to the rim of the lavender pot and flew off!

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