07 July 2008


I recently received two Recycline toothbrushes from Mom Central. I was really glad to get them, because I've tried various ways of using toothbrushes that didn't require throwing out plastic every couple months.

1. First I tried toothbrushes with replaceable heads. This didn't work for me, because I'd never be able to find the right heads for my toothbrush. Then I'd get another one, and not be able to find those heads. It seemed like whatever replaceable-head toothbrush I tried, my stores would start carrying a different brand.

2. My dentist said I need an electric toothbrush because my teeth are so close together because all my wisdom teeth are intact (and trouble free). I guess an electric toothbrush gets deep in between teeth. I liked that idea, because electric toothbrushes also have replaceable heads. But I ended up hating the feel of the electric toothbrushes. And since I never get cavities or have any teeth problems at all, a regular toothbrush must be working ok, right?

Then I got the Recylcine brushes, and I'm happy with those. They're made of recycled yogurt cups, and the case (which can be used as a travel case) is wood-based plastic. And best of all, when you're through with it, you can get a mailing label to send it back and have them recycle both the brush and the case.

Shortly after we received our toothbrushes, my husband noticed Recycline razors at our co-op. I was surprised that he tried one, because he's been pretty loyal to his own brand of razor, but he loves it.

Since this is my first time reviewing a product on this blog, I just want to let readers know that I will always let you know if a post is a product review for something I received free, and I will always share with you exactly, truthfully, how I feel about a product.

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Becca said...

Oh my gosh! This is the best idea ever! I always feel super guilty about throwing away razors, but now I can buy them from this company and send them back when I'm finished. I'm definitely going to buy some next time I head to the store.