07 July 2008


Prepare to be NOT IMPRESSED. Neither my scarves nor my photography could be called impressive. But here goes.

I made this one because I like moss stitch, wanted to practice it, had a shitload of fat white yarn, and like white scarves. Very plain. FOR ME for winter. Well, except I offered a friend her choice of scarves, and she hasn't seen them yet. So if she chooses this one, I'll just make another for myself!

This is the one I made with with my friend in mind before I decided to just let her choose. If she doesn't choose it, I will either give it to someone else or sell it on etsy (if anyone would want it). I like its colors, but they're not colors for me. It's just garter stitch, but the yarns are really nice. I don't know if you can tell that. The dark purple is the bamboo stuff another friend gave me for Christmas. Then there is a multi-colored silk/linen novelty yarn. It's annoying to knit with because it has holes, and it's much more textury than you can tell from this photo.

This is the one I love right now. It's just garter stitch, and I made it to use up the two colors of pink. The lighter pink is fluffy bamboo and the darker heathered pink is silk, which you'll see further down. The black is just in there because I like black and pink together. If my friend doesn't want this one, I will either keep it, sell it on etsy, or give it as a gift.

This one will probably be frogged. I was trying to knit lengthwise. So I cast on like 120 stitches and then just did a handful of rows, so it's got really long rows. But the needles were too big, so it's too loose, and it is not special enough for this gorgeous silk yarn. If my friend chooses it, it's hers, but otherwise, I expect to frog it and save the yarn for something else. From this I learned to try new things with cheap yarns.

Sorry about this very strange photo. I was about to hold up that wispy purple thing, but I snapped the photo too soon. And the real photo was totally blurry, so I guess I'm just letting you see that it's a very wispy summer scarf, silk yarn. Just garter stitched. Instead of just throwing this photo out because it hardly shows anything, I thought I'd post it anyway, because you can also see my husband's hemp scarf in the background. I wasn't going to show that one, because I made it before I grasped the concept of weaving in, so when I would change yarn colors, I would just knit the old color in with the new. So it's horrible, but he loves it and wore it every day last winter. If anyone who knows how to knit sees it, so they know his wife is a beginner, so what. As long as he's happy with it, right?


Becca said...

I LOVE that very first one. I pretty much only knit scarves, although this year I really am going to attempt that sweater pattern that I got (along with the yarn for it) three years ago. I think I'm going to copy you and make that moss stitch scarf while I'm procrastinating on the sweater though...

Debi said...

Well, I was IMPRESSED! I'm seriously madly in love with that first one! You are soooo making me want to go pick up the old knitting needles and have another go at it.

trish said...

Oh my goodness Dewey! I love you even more! I just started knitting this year and LOVE IT. I don't have as much time for it as I would like, but I'm hoping to knit a bunch of scarves and give them as Christmas gifts. I love that first scarf (was it moss or seed stitch?) so I think I'll try that out. :D